About DigiBrands Limited

We are an upstream marketing and communications advisory firm.

DigiBrands has a proven track record of delivering measurable Marketing solutions that have moved the needle and driven growth and Innovation for Global African brands. Our entire set of Consulting Advisory Services are designed to give your business or brand a good reputation, which delivers on the set objectives by Connecting, Convicting and Converting the target audience for profit. Our bias for Upstream Marketing, a term first coined by Dr. Ram Charan, a top management consultant, published his book, “Profitable Growth Is Everyone’s Business” where he explained the difference between upstream marketing vs. downstream marketing. It simply means that we pay a lot of attention to revenue generation at the early stages of product design by baking in features that will drive sales

Upstream marketing:
refers to the strategic process of identifying and fulfilling customer needs. Upstream marketing takes place at a much earlier stage by developing a clear market segmentation map and then identifying and precisely defining which customer segments to focus on. It analyzes how the end-users uses the product or service and what competitive advantage will be required to win the customer and at what price point. It is done very early in the product or service development cycle, and is one of the missing links for generating revenue growth at many companies.

Downstream marketing:
by comparison, is what most people visualize as marketing, and involves advertising, promotion, brand-building and communicating with customers through public relations, trade shows and in-store displays. While these activities are extremely important — they are primarily downstream in nature — that is, they enhance the acceptance of a product or service that already exists. Further, companies spend an inordinate amount of money on downstream marketing activities and ignore critical upstream marketing activities.

Even though our focus is on upstream marketing we are able to deliver the complimentary down stream marketing solutions where necessary. We apply the principles of Product Design, Research Analytics, Branding, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Media and Communications to deliver a robust end to end solution to our clients. As an Upstream Marketing Advisory Firm, we’re adept at identifying and delivering on market-driven opportunities, and are fortunate to have a wealth of experience in our talents who have worked across diverse categories ranging from Financial Services, FMCG, Entertainment, Aviation, Telecommunication, Public Sector, NGO’s and funded Startups. We bring this perspective to our Consulting engagements and balance Strategic Marketing with a practical application to build stronger brands and stronger businesses through effective Brand story telling.

Our Process

It is a strategic process of gathering Insight to Design platforms and properties that Connect with the specific target audience.

We use insights from the Pain or Passion of the consumer to design products or services that appeal to them positively.

We recognize that products and services must solve a problem in the life of the consumer to create at a much deeper connection.

We recognize that the end goal is increased sales, so our Marketing strategies and plans must translate to volume and value growth.