Project Kickoff

The project kickoff is usually the first-step in consulting engagements and is useful for both assessing the market and informing subsequent project steps. Here are typical Step One project components

To gain insight into management’s vision for the business and brand, identify competitive dynamics, and lay the foundation for subsequent project steps.

Major Activities:
Kickoff the project including client-delivered overview of the business and brand.
Review existing research, business plans and strategy documents, as available.
Conduct management interviews to address hypotheses, opportunities and challenges.
Profile competitors to determine their brand positionings and strategic intent.
Identity highest potential customer segments (e.g., demographically, behaviorally, attitudinally) for subsequent research.
Obtain proprietary customer insights through primary research.

Key Deliverables:
Project kick-off materials, including marketing, innovation and brand strategy perspectives
Internal hypotheses, questions, opportunities and challenges to guide subsequent project steps
Key outputs of this step are used as an input into initial strategic visioning step.

Strategic Visioning

Visioning is used early in consulting engagements, to paint a picture of the desired end state, a number of years in the future. The key question:
How do you visualize your business and brand in three to five years?

As demonstrated here, three points in time should be considered in crafting a vision statement:
• Understanding the current situation – Where we are today?
• Determining the future vision – Where do we want to be in the future?
• Closing the gap through strategic marketing, positioning – and innovation — How will we get there?

To develop an initial strategic vision for the business and brand to guide subsequent project steps.
Major Activities
Review the market assessment, to identify key issues and opportunities.
Develop alternative visioning statements, through facilitated workshops.
Review, refine and prioritize vision statement alternatives.
Key Deliverables
Initial visioning statement to guide subsequent project steps

Project Management

A consulting proposal is the first step in clarifying project needs. As every consulting project is unique, the specific steps, activities and outputs of any project will vary by client. Here are some common steps to our marketing advisory growth project:

Confirm Strategic Situation:

The project kickoff is used to initiate the project, and obtain important relative inputs in assessing the market.

Conduct Strategic Visioning:

Strategic visioning is used to identity the alternative end states for our upstream marketing development process.

Prepare Customer Framework:

Customer framework development fully describes the customer, including purchase process and unmet needs

Develop & Optimize Concepts:

Concept optimization uses customer feedback and focused ideation to develop and refine core marketing concepts

Prepare Strategy and Plan:

Strategy and plan development involves developing a detailed action plan for delivering on the customer promise

Implement the Plan:

Guided implementation involves DigiBrands working with the client in executing on the product and brand action plans.