How We work

At DigiBrands we apply the agile methodology to deliver strategic brand marketing and media communications solutions by working in small collaborative teams to co-create with our clients. This offers three important benefits:

-A better solution is developed, one that clients are confident can be effectively implemented.
-The consulting process is streamlined, as decisions can be made real-time.
-Skills transference occurs, as a natural outgrowth of the project.

Whether you’re searching for a corporate branding consultant to overhaul your brand image or considering marketing plan consultants for a new product launch, DigiBrands can provide the external or in-house support you require.

While the majority of our consulting work is project-based, we’re flexible in how we structure engagements to meet client requirements. We work in several different ways:

1. Consulting Engagements
Designed to address specific issues, projects are structured step-by-step to address strategic decisions based on the client’s brief. DigiBrand’s consulting proposal details the recommended project approach including the activities, outputs and resources.

2. Facilitated Workshops
Workshops are custom-tailored for each client, including discovery work to maximize the workshop setting. Topics include marketing strategy, upstream marketing, brand extension, product design best practices and focused ideation.

3. Retainer Relationships
Providing on-going support, retainer relationships may arise out of consulting projects to help execute recommendations and plans. We assist client teams a number of ways, including actively implementing strategies and plans.

As specialists Marketing Advisory experts, we have worked with dozens of clients in crafting and execute strategies to deliver market share growth.