Looking to hire a digital marketing agency?

DigiBrands implements digital marketing strategies through Website Development, Search Engine Marketing, Analytics & Integrations

As an ROI-focused digital marketing agency, our approach is “outside-in” – understanding customers, aligning touch points, then activating digital marketing to acquire and retain customers.

As customers increasingly turn online, digital marketing needs to fully integrate with a company’s business strategy and marketing plan. This is where a digital marketing consultant from DigiBrands can help.

Our digital marketing agency expertise spans strategy and plan development, to website design and development, search engine marketing (both SEO and pay-per-click) and customer conversion.

Media & PR Consulting

As seasoned brand experts with strong Media relationships across all tiers of media, we recognize the need for our client’s reputation to be intact as it is its most valuable asset. We work closely with our clients to achieve a good name for them whilst proactively building their name to Iconic status to achieve their commercial objectives through: stakeholder management, issues management and socially impactful CSR initiatives.

Public Relations:
We offer corporate public relations outsourcing and retainership services tailor made to meet a client’s peculiar communication needs. We are flexible and have different offerings which include sit-in staff to design customized measurable communication that is backed with flawless execution to meet our client’s expectations.

Digital Public Relations:
We understand that a well-crafted digital or social media strategy can be one of the most effective and efficient communication programs an organization can deploy. We understand the best platforms to reach customers, prospects and influencers, and effectively engage the customers on clients’ behalf.

Public Affairs / Government Relations:
We work with our clients to develop winning strategies for simplifying complex policy issues. We assist clients with persuasive arguments to government officials, stakeholders, coalition partners and the media. Coupled with advisory, communication, reporting and execution services, understanding our clients’ public affairs objectives and efficiently linking them to the business strategies in executing social investments, we give our clients the required support to respond to social demands and expectations in the face of legislative changes and emerging issues.

Crisis Management:
Our seasoned frontline crisis management experts, enable us provide quick support through planning and trainings for crisis management. We give optimal attention to effective and strategic crisis management across for Online and Offline media.

Our Digital Marketing Consulting Expertise

Digital Marketing Strategy

From deep customer insight to web development to conversion tracking, DigiBrands plans and aligns all digital assets to improve business performance.

Customer Persona:

Want to reach the right people with the right message? DigiBrands develops and align personas, and touch points for better online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Stay on top with DigiBrands’ SEO services, encompassing both on-page and off-page, to drive the right traffic to your website and improve your site rankings.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can provide a wealth of data and information. The key is turning it into insights to continually improve your online marketing efforts.

Website Design & Development

WordPress has become the standard for many businesses who need a quality, attractive website that’s easy to update. We design, develop and deploy these sites.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Whether you’re looking to get into AdWords for the first time, need a tune-up or on-going support, our experienced digital consultants can help.

Email & Social Media Marketing

Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn. With lots of channels, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A clear strategy and plan can help maximize ROI.

Content Strategy & Development

Brand positioning, messaging strategy, keyword research, and content strategy – these need to integrate to traffic. We’ll show you how to maximize value.

Why a Digital Marketing Consultant from DigiBrands?

Outlined below are a few of our strengths:

  • Proven track record of digital marketing, strategy and implementation services
  • Employ a market-driven approach, aligning digital assets with target requirements
  • WordPress and other proven platforms are to used maximize flexibility and responsiveness
  • Digital marketing consultants are trained in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, WebMaster Tools
  • Complete digital marketing consultant expertise, from strategy development through implementation and tracking

Anticipated Benefits of working with DigiBrands

Here are some common benefits:

  • A clear digital marketing strategy and plan driving customer acquisition and retention
  • Deep customer insight, including customer personas, journey maps and touch points as the foundation for digital marketing strategy development
  • Enhanced user experience, including high quality website design and development services
  • Fully integrated digital assets, including CMS, email marketing, CRM and tracking and analytics