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DigiBrands-MarTech Solutions

DigiBrands-MarTech Solutions

The Era of disparate technology is over. Now is the time to create a technology strategy that leverages the capabilities of today’s marketing platforms. The marketing technology strategy is a critical component of the organizations success.

DigiBrands-MarTech solutions, helps organizations achieve their marketing objectives through the use of technology. Vendor selection, vendor comparison, and change management are all common issues when implementing new technologies. The goal is to reduce time to market, achieve departmental objectives and choose technology solutions that meet both short and long term needs.


Organizations are facing increased pressure to grow revenue in a highly competitive environment. Martech can provide proprietary marketing research and industry insights tailored to meet the organisation’s objectives.


In a continent of about 1.2bn people, it is often quite difficult to identify and reach people in Africa. Our goal is to provide algorithms for brands to reach consumers on an easy access platform.

DigiBrands-MarTech Solutions

Our Strategic Initiative

At DigiBrands, we are motivated by the positive impact our martech solutions orchestrate in the cooperate world.

Innovation Strategy

Innovation strategy involves establishing growth goals, the financial growth gap and establishing strategic roles to focus innovation.

Strategic Opportunity Areas

Strategic opportunities can come from anywhere. The key is knowing where to look and then focus on high potential areas through strategic customer screening.

Value Proposition

Value proposition development articulates the key benefits to be delivered by the company or product, often extending beyond the core product or service.

New Products & Services

New product growth is best accomplished using a disciplined strategic framework and other proven new product consulting tools and techniques. Learn more how our new product consultants can help.

Innovation Workshops

Our innovation workshops bring focus and commitment to growth and innovation. We address all innovation components – strategy development, opportunity assessment, focused ideation & concept development

Innovation Enablers

While organization and culture are often overlooked as “soft stuff” that doesn’t matter, these are the very things that differentiate best practice innovators. Learn how to apply best practices here.