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At DigiBrands, we have a bias for sustainability with the sole purpose of building sustainable communities. Aligning with the UN Agenda 21 to achieve global sustainability, we are calling on multilateral organizations and governments on local, national and Pan-African levels to adopt our initiatives under the three legs of sustainability through partnerships to combat poverty, deforestation, protect fragile environments, control pollution, etc all towards achieving the UN SDGs by 2030 in Africa.

Social Impact Sustainability

DigiBrands took on a project with the UK Home office and ARK Group DMCC, where we addressed the prevalent issues concerning irregular migration in Nigeria. Partnering with NGOs like Patriotic Citizen Initiatives, the aim of this project was to use media to amplify the dangers and illusions of illegal migration. More projects coming up soon.

Environmental Impact Sustainability

We are proud to present GreenHubAfrica, Africa’s first environmental sustainability media platform. GreenHubAfrica is formed based on the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDGs) by raising awareness to the depreciating state of the environment and how all citizens of Nigeria can play a part to improve on these environmental issues. GreenHubAfrica is a community that seeks and reward individuals who play a part to make the environment safer, through networking and strategic partnerships with Nature friendly organizations.

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Economic Impact Sustainability

DigiBrands worked with Kinabuti on the development and deployment of the Dare2Dream platform. Dare 2 Dream is a youth empowerment platform set to channel young creative talents into entrepreneurship. We are glad to work with them to fulfil their objective of connecting talents with opportunities that can help them achieve their dream and design the life they want. The deliverables on the project covered a wide scope from events and experiential engagement to commence features and real-time feedback. While this project was successfully delivered, We are interested in extending our expertise to other Economic Impact Sustainability projects.